Daimler Trucks to cut 1,250 jobs in North America

Daimler Trucks to cut 1,250 jobs in North America

Daimler Trucks said on Tuesday it would cut 1,250 jobs in North America in response to sliding demand. At the Daimler plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, 550 positions will be cut, a spokeswoman for Daimler said. A further 700 jobs in Mount Holly, North Carolina, will also be eliminated, Daimler said.

All together, 65% of roads in the United States are in “less-than-good” condition, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.

The House of Representatives Transportation Committee didn’t respond to a request for comment on Secretary Foxx’s remarks. Other transportation bills have been written this session, but none have gained any traction.


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